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The Medical University Pleven in a nutshell

Pictures of university and city of Pleven

Studying medicine in Pleven

The course medicine on the Medical University of Pleven is offered in both Bulgarian and English. For that reason knowledge of Bulgarian is not needed at the beginning. There is a compulsory Bulgarian language course for foreigners within the first six semesters to prepare the students for future doctor-patient talks which are held in Bulgarian from the sixth semester.

First practical experience will be gained after the fourth and fifth year where the students can see into different medical topics for four weeks. The duration of study is six years – 12 semesters. In comparison to other Bulgarian universities, the admission can only take place in the summer semester.

The English-speaking study courses are almost only attended by foreign students from: Germany, Austria, Great Britain, the Netherlands, Scandinavia, Turkey and Greek. The first two semesters are science-oriented and focus on gaining a basic knowledge of biology, physics and chemistry. The third semester has a focus on biomedical topics which are essential for physicians.

The students can make use of their knowledge right from the beginning of the sixth semester when they work actively together with patients in clinics. In the last year of their studies they will be able to make use of their skills. A detailed schedule of the modules of the individual semesters can be found here (Curriculum).


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