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The costs for your medical study in Bulgaria can be divided into three parts:

1. Tuition fee

Studying in Bulgaria is not for free. For the winter semester 2023/24 there is a tuition fee of 4,000€ per semester (8,000€ per year) for Varna, Plovdiv and Sofia. The medical university of Pleven has a tuition fee of 3,500€ per semester (7,000€ per year) and is therefore a little bit cheaper. In comparison to other European countries which charge college tuitions, the costs for a medical study in Bulgaria are reasonable.

2. Commission

We charge 8.000€ (including VAT) for all medigate services.

You can take advantage of our cost benefits (location in Bulgaria, no marketing campaigns at fairs) and because of that we are more favourable than other agencies although we offer a wide range of services. Compare us to other agencies!

3. Living expenses

Habitation: A room in a students hostel will be approximately 160€ – 240€ per month. A room in a shared apartment, depending on the standard, will cost a little bit more. For a small apartment with modern furniture near to the university the monthly rent will be 300€ to 600 €. Luxurious apartments in a housing complex with swimming pool and additional amenities are a bit more expensive. All prices include accessory charges.

The expenses for food and beverages will be about 300 € per month, especially when you make use of the budget-priced canteens.
Any further costs (washing, cleaning, body care, restaurants, transportation, hobbies) can be calculated to 150 € per month.
The price level in Sofia is generally a little bit higher than in other Bulgarian cities.

So the living expenses in Bulgaria will be about 600 – 1200 € per month in total if you pass on luxury. Life in Bulgaria is distinctly far cheaper than in Britain, Germany or Austria.

Studying medicine in Bulgaria

medigate is your professional partner of choice if you are interested in studying medicine in Bulgaria. We give you advise, manage the whole application process and support you during your studies – till you obtain your university degree or move on to another university (lateral entry). We act transparently, honestly, reliably, fairly, and ethically. – and we have the Bulgaria-competence only a local agency can provide.